Luxury Brands in 2016: What’s hot and who are they

Luxury brands in 2016 are part of an ever-changing culture, and sometimes brands are not the only thing that offer a luxury experience. Millennials are making up more and more of the marketplace. In today’s market, many are choosing to have an experience instead of a product.  Why spend money for that Cartier watch when you can travel and possibly see an event or exotic location, having and creating memories instead.

Hot in luxury items is new and emerging technology. For example many of the wrist items such as phones, or anything with offering artificial intelligence.

Who are the top Luxury Products?

Kate Spade is a brand that has come on the scene in the last few years, selling anything from handbags to jewelry, and clothing.  Those who are buying look more for value,will it last, and will it still be worth something in three years. Kate Spade’s handbags range in price from $500 to $250, are made with high-quality materials. The handbags go from classic to playful patterns and styles, and from the classic colors to bright.

Hermes is another luxury and well-known brand, included in the brand is Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Donna Karan.  Donna Karan presents not only the way to dress and look great but a way for women to present that image of who they are and what they represent.

Proving once more that if you buy luxury, you want to let people know it is quality.

Louis Vuitton has developed a great online presence, where you can buy high-end luggage for those destination vacations. The luggage comes in classic Louis Vuitton as well as colorful and fun designs, making it easier to spot at airports.  The cost can run from almost $6,000 down to around $2,000 per piece.

Who can forget Cartier and Van Cleef and Arpels high-end jewelers? Who doesn’t love a little bling sporting a familiar name?  Jewelry, when it is good quality, will hold its value, and has a certain status openly declaring you have made it.
Eyewear is another of the current trends that is a new look in 2016.  Raybans and Vogue are among the top ten items that are considered the height of luxury.  If you must wear glasses or even if you don’t, why not present a cool fashion statement to the world.

Online Marketing

While it fun to feel, see, and try on luxury items because of the ever-changing times, online shopping is fast becoming a great way to make your choice. We live in an environment where more people are tech savvy and want to speed up the process.  More Luxury brands recognize this and work to set up online stores allowing them to reach a broader market.

Chris Burch is a venture capitalist and founder of Burch Creative Capital.

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